Gwendolyn Kennedy




My name is Mrs. Kennedy and I am very pleased to have your child in this PPCD Kinder Collaborative classroom this year. I have been teaching for five years. This is a collaborative effort with a General Education teacher. This method of teaching is called Co-Teaching and involves two professionals with different expertise.  We will both share instructional responsibility for all students in a combined classroom and have joint accountability as well.  In organizing the classroom environment this way, we will be able to meet the needs of all students in an inclusive setting.  We recognize that this might be a new instructional approach to you, but would appreciate your support.  We will both be available to you if you have any questions regarding your child.  It is important to us as teachers to form a close relationship with parents to ensure your child’s success in school.  We look forward to sharing this partnership with you.

Our conference time is 1:00 –1:45pm, your time and attention is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Mrs. Kennedy, PPCD Kinder Collaborative Teacher