Beverly Liberato, Active Learning Leader


flowersHi! My name is Mrs.Liberato. I am thrilled to be the Active Learning Leader  here at Moye Elementary.
It is such a joy to get to work with such wonderful and full of life children. I have been at Moye for 4 years now prior to Moye I was at another school. I truly love working with your children  it is amazing to see such growth happen throughout a year. I am so excited to work with such wonderful people who have such great ideas to share.

To give each of you an insight as to how I love to teach. I am big on student cooperation not only with me but their peers as well. I love to integrate subjects so we are always learning about more than one thing at once.  I seat students in groups so that they have peer support and encouragement. I truly believe every child has the ability to succeed in anything they set their mind to. I will dedicate everything I have to offer in the hopes of your child succeeding.

Can't wait to teach your children,
Mrs. Liberato