Mary Medrano

Flipped ClassroomMary Medrano [mamedran]
CRC1 Special Education Teacher

My name is Mary Medrano and I will be your child's CRC1 teacher for the2015-2016 school year.I graduated from Park University in 2007, where I received a Bachelor'sDegree. I have enjoyed teaching CRC1 for the past 4 years.. I lookforward to working with you and your children and helping them learn andacquire the skills they will need to be successful in CRC1. Yoursupport and assistance in helping your child at home with the skillsthat they learn in school is crucial. In turn, I will encourage yourchild to be successful throughout the year.Once again, I want to welcome you to a new and exciting school year.With our combined efforts, your child's success is inevitable!

I will celebrate your abilities.  I will advocate diversity.  I amproud that you are my student and have been given the honorable task ofbeing part of your journey in life....I am humbled that you may feel thesame.   Ms. Mary A. Medrano