4th Grade

4th Grade TeachersHello All,

We are the 4th grade Hero's! Fourth grade is an excitingand challenging grade. We as a team are so excited to get to work withyour children.  In Fourth grade we focus a lot on teaching students ingroups as well as independently.  We truly believe every student has theability to succeed and each of them have their own strengths.  Asteachers, we love to help them make those strengths shine even brighteras well as find new strengths.  Your child's success is important to usas we are sure it is to you as well.  Therefore, our fourth grade teamwould love to work as a team with you to insure your child's success.  Itmay not always be easy but hard work will always be worth it. Feel freeto contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 774-4000
Thank you,
Fourth Grade Team
Ms. Basave
Ms. Holguin
Ms. Cota
Mrs. Juarez